About Westvlees

Westvlees: top in Europe

Westvlees handles all the different stages of processing pork from A to Z. From processing, cutting, freezing, packing and labelling to preparing ready-to-cook pork dishes. All products are manufactured entirely in-house. Your guarantee of impeccable quality, flexible service and optimal prices.

Westvlees produces about 140.000 tons of pork meat. Westvlees has satisfied clients in more than 50 countries around the world, mainly in the meat industry, distribution and wholesale, but also in retail, food service and catering.

Westvlees is part of the Belgian Pork Group




Based on a fundamental focus on the consumer, developing "win-win" relationships within the total food chain to be able to offer a healthy solution for any dining occasion.

Thanks to passionate staff members within our network ensuring a sustainable production of pork, from farmer to consumer, and strengthening our market position in a cost-effective manner.